the light fantastic

Lunch today at the ridiculously beautiful Rambagh Palace Taj Hotel in Jaipur after touring the City Museum and the City Palace. We saw a fantastic textile collection and gorgeous architecture in ‘the pink city’. Meanwhile the opening page of the Rambagh restaurant’s menu was describing the rich Rajput history. This hotel, like many in the region, was not so long ago a private palace of a maharaja. All along the corridors are historic phots of the majarajah and his maharini with visitibg dignitaries like Jackie Kennedy and the Shah of Iran. The menu is bulky and opulent, too. About midway down what they said was the gorgeous dining room we were sitting in had “chandeliers by Fine Art Lamps of Florida”. We had to chuckle at this ‘product placement’ endorsement as Scott knows this supplier from High Point market. We’re sure our friend Eric Bauer will get a kick out of this, too!

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