sunrise in devi gargh

Scott and I got up early…ok, our goal to see the sunrise over the mountains that surround Devi Gargh palace where we are staying in garden suite #9. We piled on layers of clothing to keep warm and headed out, waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun. (And channeling Jim Morrison, apparently)…. photos are all Scott’s.


It’s Diwali today- the festival of joy. Later on we expect to see fireworks and a light show and if we feel up to it, we have been invited to Shikrant’s home. He is a young assistant manager at the hotel
who was moved by Scott’s story. The staff has been extremely kind. They can’t help but notice he is having trouble with the stairs on this mountaintop shangrila. There is an elevator but it doesn’t eliminate all of the hard stone walks and stairs, just some.

Scott is more determined than ever to get to goa. We will fly to Mumbai on Thursday from Udaipur if all goes well. In Mumbai we will go to the hospital across the street from the Taj Imperial Palace hotel…..yes, that one…..and we will see the doctor that Is the mentor of Dr. Gupta that referred us from the Medanta Medicenter. The doctor in Mumbai will get his pain prescription changed to 72 hr morphine patches. Now we are thinking Scott may need to have a procedure to drain fluids from his abdomen. I found a website page that explains a lot of what Scott is going throughclick here to see it.

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali and joy that a sunrise can bring.

5 thoughts on “sunrise in devi gargh

  1. This is the first post that has really brought Scott’s illness back to the forefront… While I am happy that you are taking this beautiful journey, I am also in awe of your personal strength and determination in the face of the pain and discomfort. I think of both of you every waking hour – especially each time one of your sweet dogs looks to me for some love, a gentle touch, food, or play.

    I wish you more joyful sunrises, happy Diwali, and I send you all my love.


  2. I am also feeling deeply moved tonight by what you have been sharing. I am heading home now to smudge, light a candle for you both and snuggle with our PollyWoggle. Planning a visit soon with Maureen and your pups! Peace and Light


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