scott in india circa 1968

This photo of Dan Rizzie and Scott Morgan sent to us by Dan today. Scott’s comments below.By the way those are the same mala beads Scott brought on this trip that you’ll see him wearing in several photos.

in new delhi. visiting old delhi. 1968 senior high school
skipping school to eat at moti mahal. chiken place. still thr…..
we. always. went. by three wheeler….wild
snuck off for day…often…
red. fort. chondi. chowk for shopping
had. the. boots custom made….
bht suede. designed. the fringe. n look
was into custom. made. coats n shirts
had. more. money than knew what to do with
was hippie. days. and. i was very qk. to figure out.
how to never. go broke ….was into gems. n textiles …
was. the. most. critical. year in. my. life….
i. was. a different. person after. india….
…… back.
in india…. and. feeling the. pull…
… the power
the grip. this. country. can have. on. you.

am almost. to. goa
love. to all
thnkx. riz. for. photo

scott d. morgan

11 thoughts on “scott in india circa 1968

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