sunset superman


This is a photo Scott took of our hotel’s private beach at sunset. The water is warmer than the swimmimg pool and usually very gentle waves, if any. Makes for easy bodysurfing. The sand is superfine and feels like silk to walk in. Near the shoreline it is very flat and wide and perfect conditions for powerwalks or running. As close as it is, golf carts can only take you so far…up to the sandline and back again.

Scott is much like Superman. Ridiculously strong in the face of his enemy. But the ocean can still be a daunting distance away if some villain has stolen your Kryptonite.

2 thoughts on “sunset superman

  1. your souls are reaching around the globe… Scott, we have never met but i know you have given Katy the gift of love. a precious gift. a beautiful sunset for a beautiful couple. hold each other close. light & love Diane


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