Over 4 years back, it was difficult to source art materials in Goa. I wrote at the time that The Art Shoppe was the only art store around for art supplies. Since then, Panjim is bustling with activity: a gigantic super bridge is being constructed over the river, Manipol Hospital has a fancy new facility…and, […]


sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move

She said all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back. ~Avatar

happy birthday, riz

Scott best buddy from AIS high school in New DelhiĀ is having a birthday today. Dan Rizzie is also the number one commenter on this blog, always taking time out to respond while Scooter was alive and continuing to do so as I put back the pieces of my life. Here is a great vintage picture […]



Sometimes a song just nails it. The lyrics I didn’t understand at age 15 now sear my heart and soul. Why do artists have to feel so deeply? It’s a curse….


time capsule

Yesterday…yesterday I felt very much that I had stumbled across a time capsule of Scott’s life held in an old cardboard carton full of dust on a shelf deep inside our basement. The box had not been disturbed since it left California ….


memorial day

Back home it is Memorial Day, the first big holiday signalling summer. We are in Goa. Suddenly around 4PM the sky darkened ominously.Could it be the big rain was here? I grabbed a camera and ran out to capture it for Scott. When I turned the corner the sun was breaking through. There was no […]


camera ready

Scott almost always has a camera in his hands.That’s why so many of MY photos of Scott are pics of him taking photographs ….