journey of a lifetime


The tagline on the movie posters for Life of Pi is ” the journey of a lifetime”. Here we all are following a similar transformative survival journey: Scott’s.

I saw this Ang Lee masterpiece with Scott today. In order to do so, Scott had to buy tickets in advance a few days ago, arrange a taxi pickup at 8am, and get me up in time for both of us to catch some breakfast. Then armed with pillows and medical supplies–just in case–we endure the bumpy 45 minute drive each way to the Inox Theatre in Panjim. At this time of day the theatre is not jammed full of rowdy moviegoers, we will not have traffic problems to make Scott’s trip any longer than it has to be, and we can return quickly to the hotel before it gets too hot out.

The film is an exquisite rendition of the book in every way. Scott was touched by many themes in the work, but especially heartbreaking that Pi and Scott will never see his family and friends back home again. We both cried heavily throughout the film. I welcomed the tears and the release that this powerful story-well-told gave me and my beloved. Perhaps just like Pi, Scott is both Pi and the tiger. But unlike Pi Scott is also the bear…. . . .

6 thoughts on “journey of a lifetime

  1. So happy that you guys got to see “Life of Pi” – a beautiful masterpiece that made me weep with joy and laugh.

    Just finished reading a beauty from “God In All Worlds” that I wanted to share with you lovebirds, a poem by David Whyte called


    This chapter is closed now,
    not one word more
    until we meet some day
    and the voices rising
    to the window
    take wing and fly.

    Open the old casement
    to the lands we have forgotten,
    to the mountains and ridgeways
    and the steep valleys,
    quilted by green,
    here, as the last worlds fall away,
    the great and silent rivers of life
    are flowing into the oceans,
    and on a day like any other
    they will carry you again,
    abandoned, on the currents you have fought,
    to the place you did not know
    you belonged.

    And just as you came into life
    you go out again,
    from one unknown
    to another
    and fall and turn
    and appear again in the mountains

    not remembering
    how in the beginning
    you refused
    to join,
    could not speak of,
    did not even know
    you were that deep
    almost forgotten
    of eternal presence.



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