party crasher confessions

Charles Simmons, aka Seemore, had befriended me and my Aussie friend Liz Jamison through his meanderings at the High Point Furniture Market,what must be now 5-6 years ago. He would visit my showroom (which at that time was in Suites @ Market Square) and we’d bump into each other at assorted Market events.

On one of his showroom visits he casually mentioned that there was a private (note the word private) party happening that night and that we should go, as there would be people there that would be good for us to meet. In fact he would suggest that we follow him so we wouldn’t have any problem finding the place….and so that is just what we did.

Seemore, with the Aussie and the girl from Maine in tow to what was the home of Scott Morgan and Katy Allgeyer. Yup, I met Scott and Katy as a party crasher. Go figure. (The story has yet another level to it as another friend of mine, Michael Uvanni, crashed that same party…because of me actually…and as a result of his crashing Michael and Scott have also become hard and fast friends, exchanging specialty ties as gifts and the such)

That was the beginning of my relationship with Scott and Katy, who I now count as friends. Charles, you were right. There were people there that were good to meet…understatement. Thank you for taking us with you. Scott and Katy, thanks for not booting us out the door, but rather opening yourselves to a new friendship. You are the personification of the adage that a stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet.

Ruth Olbrych
Zaar Design Center

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