LUCKY DAY(0, 00, 12, 21, 25, 36) Katy Allgeyer

While we all are beginning to learn that every day is a good day here in Goa, today is a particularly good day. Why? It is 12-12-12. Extremely rare lineup of numbers. Not just any numbers: Scott’s lucky numbers 12 and 36 (add up the three twelves). Since we met Scott has been telling me about his lucky roulette numbers that he’s played for forty years or more…0,00,12,21,25,36. Meeting and falling in love with Scott was my lucky day and I incorporated his numbers into a painting a few years ago shown above.

As you can imagine, Scott will not be wasting the energy of this day. He has an outing planned to a local casino where they’ve got a roulette wheel. Not the miniature wheel he carries in his pocket everywhere (like his friend Dieter carried Quan Yin), oh no! Today is the real deal put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is wheel of fortune. Longtime friend Sanjiv who has been looking over us in India from the day Scott learned his prognosis in NC will be accompanying us on the outing.

Scott wants all his friends who received a poker chip from his collection to take advantage of the 12-12-12 energy, too. Rub those chips, baby! Be in it to win it. Like Scott is.

13 thoughts on “12-12-12

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