chakras wide open


In the deep darkness of night, last night, a hand reached over for mine. Yes, Lovey, i am awake, too. Keeping vigil by your side dozing in and out of twilight dreaming. You spoke to me in hushed tones of all the pleasure we have shared just the two of us, and the fun filled days shared with friends who took the time , the lucky ones that we have been to have found each other after so much searching. Finally getting it right. Your words, only for me, straight to my heart for safekeeping.

This morning. Waking up side by side with but one thought: is the outside temperature cool? We can call Sami the taxi guy to take us for that little ride up the coast to the north where we can see sights that are new to us. And so we did. Five kilometers up our “PCH” of Goa, slowly Sami, slowly…look at that beach! Each turn unveiling a unique vista……some wide expanses with tidal pools and dunes….some narrower with jutting volcanic cones thrusting skyward like lingams from the waves. Then a village. Arambol. Streets lined with vendors selling hippie goods: Ali Baba pants, Om shirts, chillums, lanterns, notebooks bound in leather, fur lined vests, sundresses for pretty young things who haven’t had their hearts broken yet, multicolored bags n beads.

I located a German Bakery. The heaviest croissants ever but filled with chocolate so we forgive them their density. The ongoing mission is to fill Scott’s senses with new tastes and sights and sounds. Mission accomplished and back home before 9:15 AM. Continue to be curious, creative, alive. Keep on walking.
Every step a privilege. Our heart chakras so f#%king wide open the breeze blows right through us now. The butterflies, too. What is this joy that springs from walking the tightrope, the knife’s edge, the precipice looming to either side? This is where we are today. See the pictures Scott took here.

10 thoughts on “chakras wide open

  1. Katy— While we’ve only met “in passing” via the Fishgirl blog, Susan Finsen and FB, I want to thank both you and Scott for opening up my world some — with your amazing thoughts, ideas and life approach… I want you to know that both your posts have affected me, and opened up new worlds of thought to me. Sending positive energy and excellent thoughts to both of you…..


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