when you’re strange


Self Portrait by Scott Morgan

This morning we gathered the troops–JB and two new friends–and headed to Arambol village via a large taxi. Conditions were perfect for an early AM jaunt….cool chill in the air so Scott would have the wherewithal to walk on the beach. He was going commando wearing his blue and white Japanese yukata robe, a thermafleece vest, and his Tibetan beads. He also had his Uncle Bob’s bear walking stick. There are a lot of interesting characters on this Goan beach but none were dressed like Scott!

We walked down the sand passing yawning vendors as they opened up shops and cafes, the beach mostly ours alone at this hour. A young man approached us, mesmerized by Scott’s beads. He asked what kind of animal one of the talismans was made of. We were unsure but he pointed out that one was a bat’s claw. That makes sense since many Tibetan textiles have images of bats in them. Further along, a troupe of scruffy beach performers noticed us and called out “Hi Madame! Heeey, Papa!” so we greeted them in return. On our way back we passed them again. This time the eldest, a toothless man in a yellow shirt strode over to introduce himself.

He shook our hands and gently asked Scott about his illness. He said he knew that Scott was sick when we passed him before and that the rest of the troupe did not believe him. Scott told the strange man he had stomach cancer and the man asked permission to put his hands near, but not touching, Scott’s belly. He performed what looked to us like a Reiki maneouver with his hand ( much like Villy Doctor did in Mumbai and then quietly said, “Advanced.” We smiled in agreement sadly and said our goodbyes. As we departed we heard him cry out to Scott, “Hey! I’ll see you again! AFTER! “…

This type of encounter no longer surprises us. We rejoined our three companions and had breakfast at 21 Coconuts, a beach cafe that turned out to be a real find. Cappucinos, fresh mint tea, an apple pie that resembled a cross between a tart and a pie, tiramisu….and a club sandwich that was delicious. Scott’s appetite was stimulated, too. Our new friend Nanette graciously picked up the check. Every day is a good day.

6 thoughts on “when you’re strange

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  2. filling every day , meeting new faces , and spreading joy, this makes me happy too! your strength and stamina amazes me scott……love and peace.


  3. Such wonderful, wonderful “encounters” you are having with “Team
    Scott”…thank you for sharing this adventure, Blessings~


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