bear necessities


from hospital one plus hour. drv. in ambulance…….
22 lbs of liquid removed. unreal……..ten.doctors n nurses. watching. draining most never saw.

big hole drainage. taking. 1 hour. little, small hole. takes 8 hour long. drip. drain
cancer. needed. other lrg. hole. and. was filling liter first liter boottle in a minute
they. were in a. trance. as. was. i watching. this……after
long. ride. home. w. joel. katy. in ambulance. from. hospital to hotel. 1.5
i ,was. king. w. crown. and. we. kinda laffed. thru. the. super. ouch. ride. bk… in bed. feet up
….swelling. in feet going. down…stomach already. filling. w. fluids from cancer. could. be. bk soon 2/3. days. as long. as fifteen days. which. would be ideal

katy will fill in whats next.. re. liquid coming bk. and. timeline. now we
know how much

cancer. filling up empty. cavity…again two hours. later looking good
in hospital. getting this liquid. was. vile. looking. bile
me. relaxed…contemplating food to eat
will not. lv. bed. till tom. and trying. to. work out. which thing. to. eat………..
love. to
now. resting.

up date. at ten or 11 ish
gonna sleep now

hugz n love. scotto


Self Portrait Watercolor Painting (c) Scott Morgan 2013

7 thoughts on “bear necessities

  1. Holy cow, Scott! You must have been so uncomfortable with all that fluid in there. Glad you did it, and hope it gives you some relief. This doesn’t sound like the day you two had planned! Love from snowy Maine…


  2. Hey Scott…..just another battle wound, keep fighting the fight. Get some rest for that big day tomorrow. Thinking of you from Orygun.
    Peace out, R


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