joel arrives in goa

Joel arrived in Goa from Israel the day after he acquired his visa for India.
Scott’s friendship with Joel spans decades and has the feel of an intricately woven tapestry textile. The first connection is to Scott’s brother-in-law Richard. Their families knew each other in Shaker Heights. Joel eventually moved to San Francisco and went to law school and much later Scott learned his first wife Debbie knew Joel when she was studying law there, too. Joel was business partners with Scott’s second wife Dorothy’s brother for years before Scott met her through an unrelated source. Throughout the years Joel and Scott have maintained a friendship cherished by both men. We’ve asked Joel to stand in for Scott ‘s cousin Jill to read our partnership script at our celebration of love ceremony tomorrow January 12, 2013 at 4PM. Note the date bears one of Scott’s lucky numbers: 12 . The mysterious overlapping circles keep widening…

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