magic park



Last Wednesday night we made a pilgrimage to Magic Park yoga retreat on Arambol beach to see the nightly drum circle that gathers there. It was Joel’s first night with us
and we wanted it to be special for him. So, we piled pillows into a taxi, and JB n Joel, and off we went.

Scott hadn’t had an outing in awhile and his swollen tummy was making his breathing and walking difficult as we inched our way down the path to the beach about a quarter mile. The drum circle was meager but the surrounding crowd was swelling faster than Scott’s feet! We sat at a beach hut cafe and enjoyed appetizers and beer. The way back in the dark was a challenge without benefit of moonlight and only one tiny flashlight among us. The yoga center’s somewhat humbly appointed restaurant looked much more romantic and inviting by lantern light and I made a mental note to go back with just my lovey some chilly night when his energy is high.




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