there ought to be clowns

(“Clown Series IV” (c) Vamona Navalcar )

I’ve been walking daily through a long corridor that serves as the Marriott’s art gallery space. The exhibition of local artists benefits the art program for prisoners at the Fort Aguada jail that is visible directly across our bay. Each time I passed the line drawing shown here by Vamona Navalcar I was — pardon the pun– drawn to it. The reclining lovers….the amply endowed female figure next to the rather thin fellow, pipe tucked into the waist of his pants for good measure as he merrily plays music for his lady love. Remind you of anyone?

The drawing is just one in Navalcar’s Clown Series, of which the hotel gallery had four. Much to my surprise and delight, during his visit to see Scott and me our great friend Abu noticed me coveting this piece and secretly bought it for me as a belated birthday gift. I was very touched by this and will treasure it always but for the record, simply having a friend here to talk to was gift enough, Abu!

I have done some research on this artist. He is 88 years old and well regarded. As good fortune would have it, there is a book coming out about him next week. Serendipitously, next Friday there will be an art opening and book signing at Gallery Gitanjali in the Latin Quarter of Panji that I found via facebook. I’m going to try to pop by to meet the author and the artist, who by the way also signed this work Ganesh! after the Remover of All Obstacles. Having an alter ego is not uncommon. Kind of like a certain artist we know who sometimes signs his watercolor paintings Scotto Morgani 1604..

3 thoughts on “there ought to be clowns

  1. Hi Katy so glad you shared your story….Vamona’s work continues to touch people from acroos the world ….the facebook pages we have set up for him and the event bear witness as scores of emails and images and comments keep pouring in from his ex-students and those who he has inspired .For all those who would like to learn more about the Book Launch & Exhibition and Vamona , the following are the pages you could connect to:


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