memory lane


did. this long. time ago. wow

Scott’s friend Paula H sent him this sweet note and photo of an early painting Scott did circa the 1970’s in San Francisco.

Scott I like the blue picture but I love everything you do. I have attached
one of my favorites. I know this is not your current style but it reminds
of a time so special to me a time when I dressed just like this picture
with great hats and long flowing clothes and Larry and I would go to brunch
on Sundays to one of the many great places in Marin. We would get all
dressed up and head over the Golden Gate what fun we had. This picture is
in my living room and I think of you every time I look at it I love it and I
love you. I am afraid my skills as a photographer are lacking but you can
still see it. It always makes me smile I hope it makes you smile too.

Stay with us a little longer the world is a better place with you in it.

PS I loved the picture Debbie put on the blog of the 4 of us I didn’t have
that one it was great to see it.

Love to you and Katy,


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