carnivale 2013

Scott has always encouraged me to get out there each and every day….whether to chase a sunset, walk our dogs, go to a gallery opening….rather than stay home and miss it. . I might drag my heels but I’d almost always be glad Scott would push my envelope. Now that he is bedridden, he’s still doing it. This past Saturday night thousands of people were taking to the streets for Carnivale. All I had to do was walk up the road half a mile, find a park wall to sit on, and enjoy some of the best people watching in Panjim. And then report back to Scott.

I was heartened to discover that just like every small town parade in America, the Panaji Carnivale parade kicked off with a bunch o’ local guys ridin’ their tricked out Harleys. Vroom vroom! Followed by lots of crazy club kidz in rainbow colored Afro wigs dancing to Goan trance music on top of trucks with giant speakers. Interspersed with chicken floats, eagle floats, shark and fishing industry floats…..if I closed my eyes and clicked my heels I might have been at our 4th of July parade on Deer Isle!

Two hours passed. I didn’t stay beyond the giant ashtray float with the Smoking Kills message and dancing cigarette butts,because, hey how could anything ever be as wonderful as that? I wandered back to the Marriott by way of taking in the sundown on Mirarmar Beach thinking ” this one’s for you, sweetheart.” and then I told Scott all about it.

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