dream studio, with giraffes

So Scott and I are in bed just now, Scott is painting and I’m watching National Geographic when I see these two bull giraffes and they lock necks and the dominant one head butts the other and before you know it one giraffe is upside down out cold. Wwhoaaaah! Did you see that!? Scott looks up just in time to catch the instant replay and the voiceover explaining the vulnerable giraffe has a concussion. At that moment Scott hears his email alert and checks his mailbox. Our friend in High Point, designer Raymond Waites, has emailed him about a dream he had last night. It’s giving us both goosebumps!:

You last night! We were in the Hamptons in this very large wonderful
Studio that was your studio , large white rambling rooms full of at least
Thirty artists each with their space
And work. Large canvases ,varied
Styles.it was like a walk thought
Artists I have known through out my
Life. The artist were all there painting
Beautiful work, mostly abstract .
I ramble through many rooms
The back of the studio opens up
And we are outside in the seagrass.
You walk up in this wonderful outfit.
White pants, white T-shirt with a very
Decorative neck in many colors hanging from this collar are upside down black giraffes . You walk across
A short distance in the seagrass and get in a boat. We don’t say any thing
And I walk up!!! Seemed so real.made
Me happy.I usually can ‘t remember
My dreams but this is still very clear in my memory. The light was very clear
And clean!!!
Hope you get this . Thinking of you
And remembering good times together!
Love you
Raymond Waites

Scott reples to Raymond and sends him someof his painted images….:

love. this dream…these new art. pcs. r in last. five. days….done laying in bed….not easy ..big. hugz

amazing. thanks….super. duper…not. kidding. watching tv from. bed. w. my love.
nat. geo…yesGirraffes. fighting. the. momennt u sent. this
miss u. lot. doing. so. much. art. every. day. pouring. out. of. me. like. water

look on computer. at these. not. tel please


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