fresh air kid


Woohooo! A whoop ‘n’ a holler when I arrived back in our room after my breakfast post about our upcoming migration. . At first glance, the bed empty, my heart skipped a beat. Then I saw Scott reclining Cleopatra-style on a chaise outside on our deck for the very first time dressed in a favorite green kurta, taking in the fresh air.

Scott’s faithful & daily attendant Afsal was grinning ear to ear, sitting in the wheelchair while his so-called uncle gazed out at the ocean, listening to the crashing waves just beyond the breakwall.

He has fallen asleep out there now after a few bites of omelette and a sip of Jewish penicillin. But not before we snapped some proof of this epic event for y’all to see. Every Day Is A Good Day. EVERY day.

PS: After Scott walked back to bed aided by his nurse and his bear cane. I hugged Afsal goodbye as he said to me Have a nice day, Aunty. A *very*nice day!, the grin still firmly placed between his ears.


11 thoughts on “fresh air kid

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  2. Oh and by the way those metal things by the wall are hot buffet warmers n tables n chairs from yet another event they hdtonight AFTER thewedding. Givesyou some idea how close the rooms are to these parties.


  3. So happy to see these pictures of this handsome man. Such a beauty is this guy! xxoo

    Dan Rizzie Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos


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