our gang


This is Gang (pronounced Gahng-guh, in two syllables). She is a nursing school graduate and one of our fantastic Team Scotto healthcare workers. Gang comes daily on her scooter to watch my Scooter or be on standby within earshot if he needs assistance. She gets here after her morning gig, around 1:30pm, and stays about 4 hours. Two things about Gang: I have never seen her wearing the same outfit twice (her personality is as bright as her garb) and she always asks me to turn down the air conditioning because I keep the room chilly.

Lately Gang’s been intently observing Scott painting in the lobby cafe though I don’t know if she is absorbing any painting technique. Gang’s thing is hand crochet and I’ve seen her working quietly with yarn while I try to catch up on sleep. That’s my sofa bed Gang’s sitting on in the photo. Other days, like this one, while Gang’s on duty I’ve been out exploring Panaji shops. Or swimming. It was nearly 103 F yesterday and 98 F today as Goa is experiencing a heat wave without any cooling sea breezes. With the atmosphere so still and warm, even our Gang prefers to be inside chillin’.

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