angry birds easter


A little birdie must have whispered in Chef Samantha’s ear today that Scott was not feeling up to leaving the room to check out the Marriott easter brunch. She made this fabulous Angry Birds chocolate treat especially for us and had it delivered to our room by the easter bunny.
She must have also heard how taken we are with the Birds of Paradise Project video and well, birdwatching by the pool ( where crows lie in wait to fly off with a French fry ), and barred owls in our NC backyard. We ‘re for the birds and we love Sam’s elaborate and delicious confection, too. Thanks, Chef!


2 thoughts on “angry birds easter

  1. Happy Easter to you both.
    Your compassion and love for life and each other transcends across the miles. What a wonderful gift you are sharing even with strangers!
    Your spiritual energy is strong and echos on the winds. Kundalini rising!
    Scott, I send thoughts of good health and energy to you today in hopes you may enjoy yet another day on this planet to its fullest


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