portals & paintings

When he’s not painting, Scott and I have been streaming movies to watch online. We’ve been watching a wide assortment of genres and some are oldies, even watched a Silent Era version of Last of the Mohicans. We continue to be grateful for all the wonderful support and news and feedback we get from back home. When you are physically limited to one room it becomes even…

i’m still painting

commode (c)scott morgan 2013 It feels good to paint again after ten days of not feeling well enough. Scott created some digitally enhanced photography self portraits on his iPad during those ten days but watercolor painting is his favorite medium. He woke up this morning with a let’s roll attitude and so he finished some […]

ever widening circles

This epic journey is rife with synchro-mystic moments that fill these two kids with wonder. I hope it’s woken up the wanderlust and inspired people like you to recognize the magic at play all around each of us if we’ve got our hearts and minds open to it. Scott’s cousin Allie coined the phrase human […]

there ought to be clowns

(“Clown Series IV” (c) Vamona Navalcar ) I’ve been walking daily through a long corridor that serves as the Marriott’s art gallery space. The exhibition of local artists benefits the art program for prisoners at the Fort Aguada jail that is visible directly across our bay. Each time I passed the line drawing shown here […]