painting the night away

What did you do last night? Here’s what Scotty did. Some finishing touches were applied this morning in his cafe studio downstairs at the Marriott. Readers of this blog know that Scott Morgan makes every 24 hours count.

GOA.SDM62COL.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM64B.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM71COL.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM72COL.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM127.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM128.600.dpi copy
(c)scott morgan 2013

5 thoughts on “painting the night away

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