lots of new work

new work (c)scott morgan 2013

Today is Sunday here if you’re going to Goa. We thought you might enjoy seeing all of Scott’s watercolor output since we moved to our new room on Thursday. He’s been busy! This morning we attempted to see Ironman III 3D and Scott was up to the challenge. We got to the Inox Theatre only to find ALL showings sold out due to the “Burn & Burp Festival” that we had not known was going on. Usually, Sundays and ANY mornings are the best times to go to see a flick as the theatre is guaranteed to be empty at those times. Oh well. We turned around and will try again Monday or Tuesday. Scott is napping and I am blogging. A perfect Sunday afternoon, in my opinion.
new work (c)scott morgan 2013

teeny tiny new work (c)scott morgan 2013

GOA.SDM131.600.dpi 1
portrait (c)scott morgan 2013

landscape (c)scott morgan 2013

horses (c)scott morgan 2013

new work (c)scott morgan 2013

4 thoughts on “lots of new work

  1. Scott, I love your paintings! I like to do sharpie and watercolor so these really hit a chord with me. Especially like “teeny tiny new work”. There is some interesting stuff going on your brain!!! love from Newtown CT and Stonington ME. Tracy VB


  2. Holy smoke…the work gets more and more Interesting. And the output is amazing. Can’t Wait to see the book. Are you thinking of Making a book on a Mac? Then again I’m Sure you could make one in Goa that would Be fantastic. Very cool ….love n hugs RIZ

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