memorial day


Back home it is Memorial Day, the first big holiday signalling summer. We are in Goa.
Suddenly around 4PM the sky darkened ominously.Could it be the big rain was here? I grabbed a camera and ran out to capture it for Scott. When I turned the corner the sun was breaking through.

There was no rain. Not until 3:30AM…thunder…lightning…a heavy but brief 3 minute shower. Something I would have missed if Scott hadn’t needed to wake me for some help. Back in bed now blogging about it …RAIN! a steady downpour…hotel boys rattling around our deck in the dark scrambling to take the chaise pillows out of the rain at 4:15AM. Fifteen minutes gone and so is the rain. My partner silently slumbers as I sit in the predawn black velvet, mindful of the heartbeat that is my own.


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