poscottivity is headline news

India Times Goa Edition May 30, 2013

India Times Goa Edition
May 30, 2013


Scott in The Goa Herald

Scott in The Goa Herald

Scott made a splash in the local papers—so far 4 that we know of including front page news! Here are some clippings. Right now he’s being interviewed by Nida Sayed of the Goan Observer which is distributed nationwide every week. Nida is doing an indepth feature.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.10.55 PM

We don’t know what these local papers in Hindi said but the photos include Scott’s book GOING TO GOA |paintings by scott morgan, his art, and his oncologist Dr. Shekhar Salkar.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.08.19 PM

The Goa Herald was in English. So was the India Times.  You gotta love a country where being positive and happy at the end of your life makes the front page. Somebody we know–I can’t recall who–called it “Poscottivity”.

19 thoughts on “poscottivity is headline news

  1. Scott & Katy, you both most surely have been the force behind “poscottivity”, a new word that popped into my overly unused brain, after reading your post of the upcoming news conference. I think it should be added to the medical dictionary. You both inspire me with a passion for caring, living and loving everyday.. thank you so much..~Char


  2. These press reviews are absolutely amazing!! Katy and Scott you are such a team~art, marketing, production…all while fighting the biggest round yet~you are both so remarkable and inspire me daily to take on the “new”…Blessings to you both, Pat


      • I have another thought on book placement…the Theatre Art Gallery~in High Point(ofcourse)…I know that Jeff Horney would love not only having a copy of book, but an exhibit as well!! I doubt that you need help in HP, but if you do, let me know~Blessing, Pat


  3. Katy – great articles. Many thanks. Remind me again how I sign up to buy a book. All best to both of you. Andy

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  4. Incredible Scotto !! You’re famous !! lol. Still looking great my friend. We are in amazement everyday at your energy, strength, will, and positivity !! Thinking of you everyday and sending you love and light,


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