double up


My Friend in India © Scott Morgan 2013

it’s an anniversary. an auspicious day.

8 months i . left. in chapel hill.

i wrote a. song. about chapel. hill.and. leaving, the usa.

that day

i called my unkl marvin

in.atlanta. told him to contact sanjiv

tell him that we’re coming to india.

i would have like to have come the first time i had cancer

to have the operation i knew i needed in the high point hospital

but, i could not travel. this time i could travel.

within minutes


had a call from india

it was sanjiv.

he said, don’t worry scott. i’ll take care of everything.

send me the biopsy report and all the oncology information and i’ll set

up an oncology appointment in new delhi where you can see a top doctor.

we left for LA, we saw family & friendz, and then for tokyo arriving in india nov 4th.

here’s a portrait requested by sanjiv of the 2 of us.

what an incredible friend he has been.


(scott morgan)

Scott doesn’t usually do portraits. Nor does he like being asked to do painting assignments. However, in this particular case he felt he couldn’t refuse. Sanjiv has been a tremendous support and loving friend to Scott and to me. We are both forever grateful to him for all he has done and continues to do. Hardly one day has gone by in 8 months that I have not received a phone call from Sanjiv. His level-headedness has helped keep me focused on getting the best care for Scott and helped navigate the Indian system. His humor has helped me and Scott through many a dark day. We love you, Sanjiv.
Namaste, Katy

Two portraits Scott has done were created on this journey. One is Rohan Marley which was given to him in Mumbai.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.49.52 AM

Rohan © Scott Morgan 2013

The other portrait Scott did was of Aneel Verman of Sur La Mer who requested a portrait done while we were staying at Sur La Mer. Aneel a.k.a. Loonie rejected Scott’s initial finished portrait because he had neglected to put Aneel’s tattoo on his neck. With reluctance, Scott went back and added the tat later…


Raja Aneel Loon © Scott Morgan 2013


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