gal pals in goa

Katy & Ritu

Katy & Ritu


Back in Maine our summer days often include a drop-in visit by our girlfriend Maureen and her poodle-pal Max. Days are always brighter with your girlfriends around, aren’t they? This week I’m lucky to have Ritu and her daughter Indra here for a week of chillin’out, Goa style. Scott has benefited from their visit, too. Indra presented her “Uncle Scooty” with a beautiful piece of her own artwork: a hand made card that has 3-D grass growing on it.

You may recall that Ritu helped me prepare for our Commitment Ceremony in January and also came down with her partner Sanjiv for Scott’s surprise birthday in February. Like many of my friends and myself, Ritu is a Pisces woman. Neptune certainly has the ocean riled up today…and the monsoon is raging tonight after a day of on again off again showers. Scott is bundled up in 3 blankets listening to the soothing splish splash of the rain, trying to keep down some ice chips. Since that is his only intake now we are attempting to work with the Marriott kitchen to make a variety of ice chips: Evian water, Gatorade, and fresh watermelon juice in crushed cube form. Most of the time now I spoon feed him the ice as he often doesn’t have enough energy to lift a spoon.

Fishgirl & Crazy Legs

Fishgirl & Crazy Legs

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