yippee sippy


We’ve been searching all over Goa for a simple “sippy cup” at baby stores and sports stores and could not find what we needed. Luckily Scott’s sister Lindy was coming from America to visit us and asked if we had any requests. Mine was unscented deodorant as I was tired of smelling like a rose (literally) or an orange scented dashboard air freshener. Scott’s was to bring a sippy cup. With the help of Lindy’s daughter-in-law Emily, Lindy found the perfect one. This simple device allows Scott the ability to hydrate himself and keep the Evian-ice filled cup in his bed where it is easily reached. The design prevents the water from leaking out like previous sports cups we found locally. This watertight sippy cup did not come with instructions and at first neither Scott or Lindy could figure it out. I put it in my mouth and realized one must chew on the nipple like a baby to release the fluid. This simple device will mean a few less wake-up calls for me during the night as Scott can now take in his own water easily. Yippee sippy!

4 thoughts on “yippee sippy

  1. Oh Katy you had me laughing with your comment about smelling like an orange scented dashboard air freshener! So glad you are now unscented under the underarms and Scott is able to sip whenever he needs from his new zippy cup.


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