7 thoughts on “amen

  1. Beautiful and bittersweet…you were there with him and for him and that is beautiful. The loss is bittersweet but whenever I see a butterfly, I’m always going to think of you and Scott ❤


  2. Goa has been touched by the Fishgirl and Scott. ..you will be missed there as much as your presence was missed here all spring summer and now as we go into fall and I head south I will be thinking of you in Texas. All the love …
    have a safe trip home sweet Katy.


  3. Dearest Katy,
    Mom and I were saddened to learn that Scott has journeyed beyond this earthly plain. We are so sorry for your loss. We know you have many, many fond memories that will overcome your sorrow.
    We have had our own struggles as Mom had a massive stroke on August 3. She was in EMMC for a month and is currently rehabbing at the Island Nursing Home. I have been here with her since the event, but I go home on the 24th.
    Mom wants you to know she loves you.


    • judi,
      i was thinking about janice a lot lately. please give your mom a big hug for me and tell her i look forward to chatting when she’s up to it. she is welcome to stay enroute to florida if she drives down as usual. you take good care.


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