portraits of you


S.M. © 1995-2013 Dan Rizzie

The portrait that artist Brian Foo recently sent me of Scott is not the only artist rendered portrait I have of him. The one shown here is by his friend Dan Rizzie and it was done in 1995, ten years prior to my meeting Scott. Dan and Scott first met in India at the AIS High School in Delhi back in 68-69.

In keeping with the theme of portraits, here is one below that Scott painted of me before he had The Big C the first time. He titled it Happy and signed it on the back. I think Scott would be very happy to know that this afternoon two friends of ours will be arriving to spend the night with me on their way west from Isle au Haut, Maine to their winter home in Prescott, Arizona. Jeff Burke is a portrait artist that we represent in our gallery in Stonington. You can see Jeff’s work on his website.


Happy © Scott Morgan 2013


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