happy birthday, riz

Scott best buddy from AIS high school in New DelhiĀ is having a birthday today. Dan Rizzie is also the number one commenter on this blog, always taking time out to respond while Scooter was alive and continuing to do so as I put back the pieces of my life. Here is a great vintage picture […]

rizzie & scooter

Dan Rizzie is our reigning king of posting comments to this blog. The constant communication with us while we were on the trip of a lifetime was a tremendous boost to both of us. He and Scott went to the AIS School in New Delhi where they forged a fast and fierce friendship in 1969. […]

artist to artist: brian foo captures scott’s essence

Scott recognized talent when he came across it. Whether it was the unfettered (and untrained) genius of an Uzbek tribal woman creating an embroidered suzani for her wedding day, the meticulous precision of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture, …

the river

A large new work by Scott Morgan was painted with great difficulty from his prone position in bed using new large scale Arches watercolor paper sent to him by his lifelong friend artist Dan Rizzie and sable brushes sent by furniture designer friend John Strauss. This expansive painting was painted within very confined circumstances. Imagine if you will that …

ever widening circles

This epic journey is rife with synchro-mystic moments that fill these two kids with wonder. I hope it’s woken up the wanderlust and inspired people like you to recognize the magic at play all around each of us if we’ve got our hearts and minds open to it. Scott’s cousin Allie coined the phrase human […]

rock ‘n’ roll high school

According to Scott’s schoolmate Dan Rizzie–who sent these photos to us–Scott spent a lot of time up on the roof of the A.I.S. high school in Delhi in 1968. What were you doing up there, Scooter?! Revisiting the school the first week of November when Scott and I arrived in Delhi was a priority. I […]