happy birthday, ganga!


November 12th is the birthday of a very special lady from Scott’s life. Her name is Ganga Kollaba. Our Ganga is a young private nurse in Goa that over the span of many months blossomed before our eyes from a shy, uncertain nurse-babysitter to a very capable independent professional nurse-advocate when Scott was in the hospital for several weeks. The intimate nature of the gig and close proximity in our hotel room meant we spent more time with Ganga than any other person we met in Goa. Scott and I eventually came to see her as a member of our extended family.

Ganga giggled when she told me that sometimes when I was not there Scott would call her Katy. The experience Ganga had with us has inspired her to think about both continuing her nursing training and starting her own home hospice nursing agency in Goa. Like all young people in the world, Ganga is constantly texting her friends. I’m sure her facebook page will be filled with congratulatory birthday wishes today. Happy Birthday, Ganga! Sending you lots of hugz and love.

(Photograph taken by Scott Morgan from his bed of Katy & Ganga on Katy’s birthday.)

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