scott’s art featured at medical conference in india








The 44th Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society was held on October 18th-20th in Goa. These pics were sent to me by Dr. Ravindra Agrawal ( aka “Dr. Ravi”) –seen here at the very left of the lineup in the blue jacket in the photo above. Scott’s framed art work was shown as Dr. Ravi highlighted his work with terminal cancer patients like Scott. The exhibition of Scott’s art in India is a continuation of his Smile 2 the End project.
Dr. Ravi said: These pics were displayed in the area where scientific posters ( in this case e-posters on LCD tv) were being displayed. The researchers usually stand next to their posters and narrate about their project as the delegates come by.

Dr. Ravi was a key player in Scott’s care while we were in Goa. His kindness and compassion helped both Scott and me get to a deeper understanding of each other and the process we were going through. During this season of Thanksgiving I am grateful for Dr. Ravi for all he did and continues to do to help people Smile 2 the End.

6 thoughts on “scott’s art featured at medical conference in india

  1. Hi. I was just sitting here googling blogs and planning for my next trip to Goa and found this one. I think I’ve spent the last hour crying, both of joy and sadness. I’m taken by the happiness and warmth you send out. Thank you for sharing this.
    I hope you will have plenty of butterflies in your life.
    //Hanna from sweden


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