death is a hot topic

Scott’s friends will agree that Scott was ahead of the curve on so many ideas. He was an early adopter on technology such as the holograms he created in the early 70’s and his fascination for cameras and computers (Apple all the way!). But who knew that his early death at age 62–and the way he chose to live his final days making art and smiling to the end–would capture the current zeitgeist among baby boomers?
Top Hat © Scott Morgan 2013

Scott probably is chuckling even as I report here that the AARP newsletter this month featured an article about how at least two organizations are trying to remove the taboos around conversations about death. One is called Death Over Dinner and the other is Death Cafe.They aim to get people like us talking about death and end-of-life decisions over dinner conversation. This blog probably got some of you thinking about it, too. How will you choose to spend your final days? Remember: your final days are already here because it’s always now.

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