seeing is believing


This morning while I was watering my Anniversary Garden, this gorgeous golden butterfly delighted me by landing on my wrist. The same wrist that I wear the special silver keepsake bracelet from Pretty Peacock. Soon after I returned from Goa I wanted to get something personal that would commemorate the trip of a lifetime.bracelet

I decided on this bracelet because the artist who makes them  stamps any map coordinates you want on it. I told her I wanted the exact longitude and latitude of the Marriott in Goa where Scott and I spent his end days with the help of his loving father. When the artist–Ana Talukder Simpson–found out why, she was very touched by our story and sent me an email revealing that her parents were from India and immigrated to the US where she was born. We decided this was another synchro-mystic moment.

I never remove the bracelet. It goes swimming with me, showers with me, and sleeps with me. The reverse side of it has a nautical chart imprinted on it. Since I work with nautical charts often in my mixed media paintings, I found this bracelet truly resonated for me.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.51.04 PM
After the butterfly landed on my wrist, it continued to dance around my garden and soon I noticed another one of a different kind and color. I got my camera out to capture them both.

Much to my delight, he landed on the head of a garden angel that Scott’s mother bought for me as a gift. She chose this one because it has a solar light in the form of…a butterfly!

He is tucked into the midst of my butterfly bushes. Today is a sunny day. A magical day, even. A day full of happy reminders that life is a miracle and a privilege. The ever widening circles of life eventually cycle back and connect again like a Tibetan prayer wheel.
Like butterflies the moments are fragile and fleeting and as tangible as gossamer wings. What is needed at any given moment is a grateful witness. What have you witnessed today?


7 thoughts on “seeing is believing

  1. Katy, that is so wonderful and beautiful. Today I witnessed the joy of the Scottish monsoon rain! Lovely sunny day in Scotland with heavy monsoon like rain, just like our treasured Goa 🙂


    • Marietta— I believe all that is required of us is to show up, be present, and that means paying attention to what surrounds us. Magic and synchro-mystic moments are here for all of us. Thanks for following my blog. Namaste, Katy


  2. Katy, you are welcome to visit us here in Scotland whenever you wish. Unfortunately our beautiful Art School was partially destroyed in a recent fire, but rest assured there is still wonderful art and architecture around every corner 🙂


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