what percent are you?

It was bound to happen. People have begun asking me if I will ever consider dating or remarrying again….

leaving the cocoon behind

Next time I am lucky enough to have an encounter with a butterfly I will speak to her of flowers and sunshine and remind her of the happiness she brings to my day and I will try not to mention the caterpillar days when she was trapped without wings. She will eventually remember that she can fly.  

seeing is believing

This morning while I was watering my Anniversary Garden, this gorgeous golden butterfly delighted me by landing on my wrist….

carpe diem

What strikes me as we continue this trip of a lifetime! is how many others we know –or are tied to by friends once removed –have just learned within these ten months we’ve been engrossed with Scott’s plight, that they, too, have cancer or some other life threatening disease. Or their loved one has passed. […]

roulette pressure

How does blood pressure relate to roulette? As many of you know, I had a pretty large collection of casino chips from casinos around the world. When we left High Point I gave away 75% of those along with parts of my tie collection to all who attended the going away party (including one big chip to pal Raymond Waites). When you google ” blood pressure” and “heart rate” it gives you indications…