6 months later

I’m in the process of assembling notes for the book I’m writing. Printing out the Going to Goa Blog in its entirety. Reliving this particular post and realizing the magnitude of the journey. Since there are many new followers to the blog I thought this post was worth sharing again. Namaste, Katy

going to goa


thin man goes to goa /season 62 final episode (c) scott morgan 2013

Six months ago today Scott was in the hospital at UNC Chapel Hill getting the results of his colonoscopy emergency biopsy. The surgeon told him he had Stage IV matasticized stomach cancer, inoperable, nothing we can do, go home and get your affairs in order. She also told him–and later his oncologist confirmed–he had 2 to 4 months to live. Scott wasted no time in setting his end game plan in motion. A farewell party was held in High Point the very next night because a majority of his friends ( including big sis Lindy) were in town for the furniture market week.

The first two weeks were a blur of shock, intense emotions, and frantic-yet-focused activity: we were going to goa so that Scott would be able to die with dignity in his beloved India in…

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2 thoughts on “6 months later

  1. Katy, this was the post that prompted me to email both you and Scott that night. At that point I had followed your journey for a couple of weeks, but Scott’s words just touched me and I had to reach out to you both and to send you hugs and to let you both know that I was thinking of you both.


    • Vicki— thanks for this (and that!). I realize some may wish I would stop reliving it but I need to refresh my memory as I begin tackling the book project and that means rehashing all the events of that remarkable journey. Thanks for being part of it. Love, Katy


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