nonsuch palace


Architectural themes–in particular the Taj Mahal and other palaces–pop up frequently in Scott’s art work. That’s probably not surprising since Scott studied architecture with Buckminster Fuller in college.

Fantastical towers and bridges and steeples adorn many of Scott’s watercolor works.
I revisited the acclaimed Showtime television series The Tudors this week during a bout of insomnia. There is an episode where Henry VIII has gone mad in his grief for the loss of his queen Jane Seymour during childbirth. The king has locked himself in his chambers and is shown drawing sketch after fanciful sketch of a new palace he wishes to build (and later does): Nonsuch Palace.
I couldn’t remember ever seeing Nonsuch Palace and so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Apparently it stood for a hundred years or so (a short time for a castle of this magnitude) before the last owner of the palace had it completely dismantled to salvage parts to pay off gambling debts in 1683. It boggles the mind.
All the paintings shown here are ©Scott Morgan.

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  1. Dear Fishgirl (thought I know that’s not your real name…) I have been reading your postings for a long time.

    I had an idea today, so thought I’d share it with you. Scott’s paintings are so nice. Have you considered making some of them into limited edition prints? That way you would save or sell the painting, and maybe also sell the prints. I used to work in my grandmother’s Art Gallery, and then helped in another one. You may not want to do this, but in case you do, I thought I’d put the idea out there for you. I hope things are going well for you. I used to live in India for a short time, so your blog was doubly fun to read. I was so sorry to hear of Scott’s death, I’m sure that was so hard for you, I admire you so much for going there and helping him achieve his dream of going back and also doing artwork there.

    Sincerely, Betsy

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    • Betsy–

      I sent a reply but don’t see it here so I’ll rewrite one.

      First of all, many thanks for being a longtime follower of the Going To Goa Blog. Thanks, too, for the sympathy and kind words.

      Yes, the plan has always been to sell giclee reproductions while exhibiting/keeping most of the original paintings of Scott’s work. I brought back a limited quantity of prints we had made in India of 30 of Scott’s works that had been exhibited for the Smile 2 the End project in Goa. They are for sale and you can see them on the Scott Morgan Fine Art Website. If you are interested I can give you more information on the pricing and availability currently.

      My plan is to re-launch a more professional fine art website for Scott’s work in the future. Right now my priority has been taking care of the mundane material aspects of life and all the responsibilities that accompanied losing Scott. The year in India was brilliant and also the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. I need to recover my “self” before I can begin the daunting task of marketing Scott’s art in the way it deserves.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read and to comment on our blog.
      Katy aka Fishgirl (or vice versa!)


  2. Katy, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful paintings again. My favourite has always been the Taj Mahal in purple.

    The first time you posted this on the blog I saved it as my screen saver, then just 2 weeks ago my tablet stopped working and I lost my favourite painting! Both you and Scott have now given me an early Birthday present, so thank you x


  3. Gosh these look so good to me…..his best work was done at the end of his life. Had no idea he studied with Buckminster Fuller. Our school in India was a gem of modern architecture and used the BF geodesic dome in several structures. Where did Scott go to college? I was not in touch with him untill aftewards……xxoo


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