nurse case scenario

I learned that our Gang in Goa is expecting her first baby. Her family arranged a marriage for her last year. Ganga’s facebook page was removed. She is no longer working as a freelance nurse with aspirations to start her own home hospice care company. I hear from other people in India that she is happy and I hope that she is. The Ganga we knew has disappeared.

 scott morgan

3 thoughts on “nurse case scenario

    • The more I reflect on this, the more I have come to see that this is about *my* hopes and dreams for Gang being dashed, not her own. I am a bit presumptuous in thinking that she is not happy when all reports from eyewitnesses tell me that she is satisfied with her new life. However it saddens me that the lively young woman we knew is now not expressing her personality to the world via facebook— I assume that it was not her choice to remove her page.


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