creatures of the deep

  It’s Groundhog’s Day today. I rediscovered these paintings by Scott that have never been shown before. It’s a series of real and imagined creatures that he painted during a trip to the Florida Keys in February 2012. They have an innocent quality, yet simultaneously foreshadow the unseen monster we were yet to encounter at the end of that very year.

Scott carried his paintbox with him everywhere. Frequently he painted at restaurants while waiting to be served or on airplanes to while away the time. Time well spent, always. With his own personal symbols and mythology, Scott’s paintings tell a story of a mystic traveler who sees it all in great detail.


All images ©scott morgan

2 thoughts on “creatures of the deep

  1. Katy, the last painting has similarities to a painting I painted many years ago! I painted this whilst I was in hospital after my first operation for Crohns, the painting still hangs on my wall to this day! I painted elements of Kadinsky’s Blando Duro, mainly the eye and the boat (my interpretation of Kadinsky’s painting) – wow another synchronicity.

    And the one above it just looks like our very own Scottish Nessie 🙂 I love these paintings of Scott’s they are wonderfully imaginative.


    • Vicki— Scott viewed enormous quantities of fine art over his lifetime. I would not be surprised if he absorbed many of the images he saw and they later came out reimagined in his work. How marvelous that you painted something similar! Thank you for your insights and for taking the time to comment. Namaste, Katy



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