what’s in a name

Synchronicity is something I pay attention to. It is the pulse and rhythm behind every breath I breathe and every step I take. It’s how I know I am in the flow and doing what’s right for me. Lately I am noticing that every show I watch on my Amazon Fire TV has the word “Morgan” in it. For example, last night despite my best efforts to avoid romantic couple movies on Valentine’s Day, I caved and watched The Prince & Me. Julia Stiles rides around in a truck with her family farm’s logo on it: Morgan Family Organic Farm.  Or it will be somebody’s name in the front end credits in prominent letters but not a well known actor like Morgan Freeman, rather an obscure producer perhaps.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.00.18 AM

Every show? It seems that way to me and I watch a lot of shows. In fact, I just took a break from writing this post and watched Hank & Asha– a filmabout a southern American white boy in NYC and a pretty Indian girl in Prague who are both film students and communicate via  personal videos and fall in love long distance until Asha’s arranged marriage gets in the way of their meeting in real time–and sure enough there was a Morgan in the rolling credits at the end.


What I take away from this is that Scott is all around me everywhere I look, still sending me private messages from the universe. I like to think of it that way. Of course, there is always the chance that it simply means that Morgan is a popular name, as ubiquitous as Smith or Jones. But Smith and Jones have not appeared in the films I watch this way. Only Morgan.


If Scott were here now physically we would be preparing to celebrate his 64th birthday tomorrow. We might be traveling or we might be home. But wherever we might be, there would be cake and candles. There would be watercolor paintings of new birthday art. He would gather up as many friends and acquaintances as he could find to join in the fun. This was his way. Celebrate life and love and make some memories.


I will be thinking of him and I will be painting in my studio. I will be thinking of him and I will be walking our dogs Loolie Morgan and Hershey Dawg and our friend Maureen’s dog Max Poodle From Deer Isle. I will be thinking of him as I light a candle on a piece of cake and blow it out for good luck. And I will be celebrating old memories and making new ones. Making it up as I go along.

5 thoughts on “what’s in a name

  1. Katy, each and every thought you have creatively expressed since Scott physically left this place, have given me cause to think and reflect. You continue to amaze me with such awe – you make me aware of each day just as you wrote once about skipping rocks rippling in the water ……
    How nice to celebrate Scott’s birthday. Just as he would like it. I do the same for my father and always try to do something fun and light a candle so our days are brought even more alive than they are in my thoughts.
    You are a gift to so many…….


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