a kiss before you go

I’ve discovered there are many like-minded souls out there experiencing grief and loss and joy and art in similar ways to me and Scott. Here is a wonderful trailer for a book I just got by Danny Gregory. It’s called “A Kiss Before You Go” and it is illustrated with raw emotion and watercolor paint. It’s difficult to explain the feelings one has in losing the love of your life, but he does a good job of putting words to describe many of the experiences that come afterward.

The following excerpt resonated for me and I hope the author won’t mind if I share it with you:

A lot of people miss Patti. I do too, of course. But I also miss my life, the way it was–built layer upon layer like a giant oak; habit wrapped around habit, assumption circling assumption. For nearly a quarter century we built this life and when Patti’s ended, so did mine. My life was like the second twin tower. It collapsed right after the first one fell.

Now I have a different life. It’s a pretty good one, despite what I would have thought as I lay with my arm around my sleeping love. It has moments of sadness, deep holes in the road, but it is still filled with love. I love my son, my family, my friends, my hounds….” 

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