Tuesday I walked around market to see a few FOSAM (Friends of Scott and Mine). I parked at the most expensive parking lot in the world. Then I walked the few blocks to Market Square to see John Strauss Furniture. John’s primo location this market was easy to find. His design partner Carisa Marie was not there when I dropped by but her presence was everywhere: the showroom looked very fresh and vibrant. I especially liked the cabinets with water gem theme fronts.


John Strauss next to a new armoire design.


Next was a walk over to Interhall where I met up with FOSAM Gary Pettitt of Seasonal Living. Another FOSAM, designer Louis Lara, has a line of beautiful outdoor lamps and furniture that Gary makes. John, Gary, and Louis are all on the steering committee for the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship, too.


Seasonal Living showroom at Interhall with some designs by Louis A. Lara.


Upstairs in Hamilton 203 I stopped by Judith & John’s new showroom for Textillery. It’s always so calming for me to be surrounded by Judith’s cozy chenilles and textured weaves. These two FOSAM gave us one of their soft blankets for Scott’s final adventure in Goa. It kept him warm and comfy when he needed it most.

Textillery blanket

Textillery blanket

So happy to bump into Raymond Waites and Russ Berge there as well. They all told me they had just been discussing—who else?—Scott. I am happy that others remember him fondly and keep his memory alive. I recall while we were in India we received an email where Raymond shared this dream about having an art studio with Scott and a giraffe.

Roberto Besquin and Scott Morgan in October 2012 before going to goa.

Roberto Besquin and Scott Morgan in October 2012 before going to goa.

Earlier before market began I saw freelance friend Tony DeFazio and partycrasher Ruth Olbrych. I also spoke with FOSAM Roberto Besquin of Allan Copley seen here with Scott at his favorite Thai Chiang Mai restaurant. It was Roberto that asked us “Why Goa?” which Scott explained so eloquently. Roberto’s son Alan came to Goa during spring break 2013 for a friend’s Indian Wedding and made a point of visiting us there during the trip of a lifetime. Yet another FOSAM Mark Berman called me today as he was headed back home. These are just a few of the many wonderful friends that Scott treasured.

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