first design scholarship awarded in scott’s name

Scott’s watercolor paintings were used in creating this certificate for his scholarship award. The graphic design of the certificate is credited to his friend Louis A. Lara.
SMSF 2015 Award Certificate Bronsin Ablon - Pratt

This past weekend a lunch was held in New York City to award the first Scott Morgan Design Scholarship to a student of Pratt University. Scott’s friend Bruce Hirschhaut was the driving force behind initiating this scholarship to honor Scott’s legacy in the furniture industry. Bruce corralled other design and industry FOSAM (Friends of Scott’s and Mine) to get this going before we even left on our trip of a lifetime. Special shout out to our top funders whose names are honored on the first award certificate: Scott’s father Jerry Morgan, Bill Becker of BDI, American Leather, Joel Morgenstern, Steve Feldman & Associates, and Stanley J. Friedman. There are countless others that we owe gratitude as well.


Louis A. Lara, Bronsin Ablon, John Strauss

Designers Louis A. Lara and John Strauss met with the recipient Bronsin Ablon to grant him the $5,000 award and certificate shown above. We couldn’t help but Smile 2 the End at seeing the 3 buddahs behind the boys in the photo. Apparently the restaurant chosen for the presentation had Scott’s approval all along.

Bronsin Ablon smiling to the end :)

Bronsin Ablon smiling to the end 🙂

Happily, Bronsin Ablon has talent. Scott Morgan always had an eye for talent and was helpful in mentoring the careers of many furniture and industrial designers. Louis and John described Scott and his influential legacy to Bronsin over lunch. Scott was called “Idea Box” by the Chinese factories because of his innovative thinking. I’m told that Bronsin was extremely interested in Scott’s story and deeply honored to be the first recipient of the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship. We hope to distribute many more.

If you would like to help the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship in our goal to bring up the next generation of talent in the home furnishings industry, please click here and donate whatever amount you can. If Scott’s friendship or Scott’s story and the Going to Goa Blog have entertained you or inspired you in any way, please pay it forward. Thanks in advance!

5 thoughts on “first design scholarship awarded in scott’s name

    • Dan— Yes! It is very exciting. This was all done with the initiative of Scott’s furniture industry colleagues and friends. We will be distributing more in future years and also continue to fundraise. Scooter is indeed smiling. Hugs, Katy



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