signs, signs, everywhere are signs




The signs are everywhere that Art By Katy is back in business! The snow plow took out my road posts the year I was gone to Goa. I never got my studio up and running last summer although I did set up my tent at the Stonington Farmers Market.

When I arrived in Stonington this year I thought “I need to build a sandwich board type sign that can be visible from both directions and can be removed easily at end of summer.” Fortunately, I dawdled in getting this done because last week the Deer Isle Art Association was casting off their old portable sandwich board sign! It was already painted in my colors. I simply needed to white out their logo and paint in my own.

It seems there are lots of other signs about the place, too. Butterflies keep appearing but only one at a time and only at key moments as if to reinforce I am headed in the right direction. I also received the approval of an American bald eagle yesterday that swooped (deliberately?) low over my head at the local grocery store.

I’m coming out of comfortably numb. I’m feeling my powers of concentration returning and I am energized with a renewed feeling of hope and vigor. Now THAT’S a good sign!

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