in tandem

What a glorious day it was…Scott took me out for a paddle in his tandem kayak. Me in the front seat, Scott in the back and Big Loolie in her very own life jacket sat between us, her velvet head resting on my shoulder.

Will you leave California? The foghorn kept tune to the beat of my heart. Will you come east and be with me? Come be my queen.

That’s how it happened. In the tandem kayak. Has ten years really passed since then?

Another year. The summer of 2012 Scott and I took it out only one time. The chemo from 3 years earlier had left him without upper body strength. We both knew his kayaking days were over. But we kept the boat around in hopes that he’d feel stronger next summer.

A close friend of ours visited me this summer. Together we were able to take the tandem kayak out on the water again for the first time in 3 years. Happily, the vessel was still sea-worthy. Good to know, I thought. Maine.kayaking.lucky.

Yesterday I held a yard sale in the driveway with another artist. That scuffed up heavy beloved tandem kayak and all the used-but-still-good gear that went with it was sold to a younger couple. A couple that could have been us 10 years ago.

The river of life continues to flow. Close to the end of our sale after the last shopper had wandered away, my friend and I noticed something together. We both witnessed a huge black butterfly coming straight up the driveway over our heads and over the studio into the woods. My friend said “Look! It’s a monarch?!”

“It’s Scott!” I said. I smiled.Definitely a monarch. And for awhile, I was his queen.
Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.50.44 AM
painting by ©scott morgan

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