thankful that he was

Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was. –ย Hebrew Proverb


Scott David Morgan was here on Spaceship Earth from February 16, 1951 to September 11, 2013. Beloved lover, husband, son, brother and forever remembered as an artist, friend, mentor. A true heart; a mensch; a pioneer. A traveler of this planet and now this and other galaxies. So wonderful to have known him; to have shared a love and a life with him. He is missed. He is remembered. He made a difference in my life. Shine on, Scott!





Oh what a lucky man he was.

10 thoughts on “thankful that he was

  1. With so much going on in my own life Inhad forgotten that yesterday was “the day”. On Thursday a butterfly was flittering around the entrance to my office and without without thinking I said “hi Scott!” The journey that you both took has impacted me and I’m sure many others. Thanks for sharing it and I send you love and peace …. You were both so lucky to have found each other. Thanks for sharing your personal journey.


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