the kindness of friends

I went to the Weatherspoon Museum Friday to see The Kindness of Friends Gifts in Honor of the 75th Anniversary exhibition. It was thrilling to see three pieces of art from our collection hanging in the gallery prominently displayed at the entrance to the exhibit.


The two shown here are by Canadian artist Simon Hughes. Scott Morgan was most interested in these pieces because they were predominantly watercolor medium, like his own, but on a large scale which can be very difficult to handle and master. In addition, they are finely drawn with an eye for detail much like Scott’s best paintings are.
Frontier Condominiums,  Simon Hughes 2004

Scott’s own art work embodied fanciful architecture and a whimsical sense of humor. It’s no wonder that he was drawn to Mr. Hughes’ work and inspired by it. Shown below: two of the paintings Scott Morgan created from his sickbed in the Going to Goa Series.

©Scott Morgan 2013

©Scott Morgan 2013

Scott was also a huge fan of the Weatherspoon Museum at UNCG in Greensboro. He called it ‘our hidden gem’ when describing the museum to others. We visited its galleries frequently together and are honored to be considered friends of our hidden gem.

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