lions, and tigers, and bears


caught one.


We are learning to live hour to hour instead of day to day. Scott’s condition ebbs and flows with unpredictability. When he feels good enough, we go for it…whether it’s an easy walk on the hotel grounds or a short tuk-tuk ride to see a local wonder. That’s what we did today…we saw the Udaipur City Palace, strolled over to the Shiva Niwas Hotel for a small snack, and then walked slowly through a bazaar. I quickly jot down posts for the blog and catch up with the large quantity of email correspondance we have been receiving while Scott is resting in bed.

Scott has the will of a lion. These palaces were designed to perch on mountaintops to keep the maurauding hoardes of yor out…and there is no thought to the special needs tourist of today. Stairways of uneven marble posed particular challenges for this lion we all know and love. Each stairwelled narrow palace passage from one chamber to the next was a victory. The weather has been clear but too warm for comfort, so that is also a factor.

We noticed a very cool painting depicting a maharajah’s bear hunt…we were surprised to learn that India once had bears. And tigers galore. And a lion hearted modern day shaman come back to his magic place. All this today. Life is good.


3 thoughts on “lions, and tigers, and bears

  1. Oh my… That lion has a tigress in tow!

    I know how hard travel can be when the travelers are in good health, and how much time and effort goes into making daily blog posts. And knowing Scott’s wide-ranging connections, I can imagine that you are dealing with a LOT of email correspondence.

    I love getting these updates, with sometimes quirky photos, and – more often – photos of a land so very exotic.

    My thoughts, prayers and love to you both. Love, Maureen


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