gratitude to the multitude :)

Using this day to regroup, rest, and prepare for the 8:15 PM flight to Mumbai tonight. I finally got the “follow this blog by email” button up on the right hand column of this blog to make it easier for people to keep up with new posts. You’ll also notice buttons on the bottom of each post that allow you to send a post to a friend via email or post it to your facebook, stumbled upon, etc etc etc. None of this could be done from the iPad for some reason but I finally had time to locate a hotel computer and voila.

Before we go any further, we wanted to share our gratitude to all the many people back home and around the world who have supported Scott and me in this endeavor. Many of the people we met along the way have also contributed to our emotional well being in some way. I hope I don’t forget anybody but I’m going to give a particular shout out to some here:

Scott’s Mom and Dad & Elaine and sister Lindy and brother Bob— your love and support are dependable constants. Thank you!

Roberto Besquin who dropped everything at market to pick Scott up at hospital with Luis Lopez…..thank you for making Scott a priority and also for visiting again in LA.

Uncle Dick and Alicia–thank you for coming down to High Point only to learn you had a couple of hours to spend with us before we took that six hour stretch limo ride to Washington, DC to get our visas for India! And Alison in LA…

Abu Khan– your generosity in helping us get to DC to get those visas, coming with us, offering to bring Seemore to India with you when you come to escort me back to High Point….the many many phone calls you have made to Scott since we left High Point…words can not express, dear friend.

Charles Seemore Simmons– you know how you helped us and we are grateful for it 😉 Thank you for continuing to call Scott and bug him about the ‘color of the day’.

Bill Becker– your generosity enabled us to fly first class the first leg of our trip and you had to go through the trouble to rebook our flight when we found out we had to leave from DC…your commitment to friendship with Scott is cherished.

Bill DeGolia– for your generosity and quick thinking, for your continuing efforts with the galleries out west: what a mensch and a wonderful friend you are!

Sanjiv Sangwan who continues to help us as we travel in India—thank you for being such a terrific friend!

Maureen Farr– without our having to ask, you offered to take our babies Loolie & Hershey for however long we need you to watch after them. . . you drove a total of 1800 miles round trip to get them, turning around in 24 hours to drive from High Point back to Maine. W-o-W and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Luis Lopez– ping pong player, tap dancer,martial artist and friend who is house-sitting for us –you rock!

Jack Kaplan– our friend and attorney, we could not have gotten out of Dodge without your talent and time. And your wife Joanne’s chicken soup kept Scott going the first week after diagnosis—-mazoltov and thank you!!!

Gary Petitt, John Strauss, & Louis Lara– arranging the catering for Scott’s High Point Market Going Away Party was very helpful and thoughtful. You guys are great friends and we are honored to have you in our lives.

Bruce Hirshaut– the spearhead behind the Scott Morgan Scholarship Fund, much gratitude for honoring Scott this way.

Dorothy & Debbie– coming to High Point for a personal goodbye touched Scott’s heart deeply.

Termite– Scott was so energized by your visit to High Point and you gave us so much emotional support–thank you dear friend.

Eddie Kozuch– Katy would not have gotten ANY sleep at all if not for your timely visit with us in High Point. Because of you, we were able to regroup and prepare for the enormous undertaking of planning the travel to India. Thank you for staying one extra day that made all the difference in the world to Scott and me.

Jenny & Grant– you were with Scott in India the first time around and you both made it to High Point to see him off to India 3 weeks ago….wow. What a testimony to friendship. Thanks for following the limo to DC and being observers of the now legendary craziness of that day!

Don Bierstock– flying in to High Point just for the goodbye party…unbelievable. You are truly amazing and we love you.

Dr. Paul Kwon….you know you are a rockstar! Thanks for everything.

Jerry Mickelson– flying in to Los Angeles just to spend some time with Scott…this means the world to him.

John & Judith–the Textillery blanket you made for Scott has been an absolute essential…..thank you!

150 of Scott’s Closest Friends & Colleagues who took time out of their busy High Point Furniture Market week to come to our home to say goodbye and sign the canvas….wow! You are all wonderful.

Joe Gantz….We owe you and Corine bigtime for introducing us to each other…these 8 years together have been incredible. Thank you for that and all the support and love you have shown us both.

Dieter and Laura Rapp….thank you for driving down to LA to deliver your love and Qan Yin!

Dario n Natasha…. Scott’s hair never looked so great! Thanks for showing up in LA with your love and hairclippers…

Linda and Joe the chocolates you brought to us in LA were appreciated by all …thanks so much.

Bob Brody we thank you for the ride to LAX!

Steve Orenstein, Jac Stulberg, Paula Harrington….Scott so pleased that he saw you! And Isabelle Bryer thanks for giving Katy a chance to relax.

Cousin Elliott thank you for taking photos and Mercedes Morgan thank you for filming Uncle Scott’s stories. We loved seeing Ginger and Neto and Richard and Richard Graham.

Singapore Airlines gave us extra cabins!

Aubrey Zhang thank you for everything while we were in Hong Kong!

Po & Sunny Lo thanks for treating us to dinner and inspiring the Sonnymeter!

Carlos at the Fairmont Bungalows was great.

Stephen Fernandez at The Oberoi Gurgaon was over and above an amazing concierge.

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Vaid at Medanta…thank you for treating Scott like more than a number and cluing us in to a better painkiller than methadone.

Sunil our driver made the road trip from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur to Devi Gargh to Udaipur a smooth one….we might not have gotten there without him.

Andy & Kate and Gail and Larry….most grateful for your sense of urgency and help.

John Benetti thank you in advance for joining us in Goa on Monday!!!

We are grateful to all our friends and family for loving us so well. There will be many more we want to include on this list but it is 2:15 AM and we just arrived in Mumbai so we’re going to call it a day and say namaste for now.

Remember to love each other…
Love n hugz,
Katy & Scott

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